Holiday reception Friday afternoon, Dec. 9

landau-photo-mountainsAmoré Gallery of Fine Arts Photography will kick-off the holiday season with a reception on Friday afternoon, December 9th, from 2pm – 5pm. The public is invited to share in the art and festivities of this season of giving.

We are especially pleased to welcome to Amoré our newest photographer, Heather Ross. Heather Ross’ work has most recently been displayed in venues such as PhotoPlace Gallery, Black Box Gallery, Center for Fine Art Photography, Greg Moon Art and Edition One Gallery. She has been published in the Hand Magazine, Taos Magazine, Float Magazine and Dodho Photography Magazine. She is also represented by the Taos Artist Collective and Orale’ Gallery. Heather uses multiple lenses, long exposures, and photo-transfer processes to create surreal and dream like photographic images.

Of his own work at Amoré, Mark Shumann, gallery owner says; “The interest in photographing with film, at least for me, is more about process than it is about results. I realize digital sensors ‘capture light at least as well as film does. When photographing with film, I take my time. The process is slower, so I find myself paying more attention to composition, lighting and exposure. More importantly, because I am working more deliberately, I feel more connected to the subject I am photographing.”

Also represented at the gallery are; Michael Rollheiser, whose work includes metallic & canvas prints; Dane Spangler who seeks moments when sky engages land in amazing ways. In an age where digital manipulation can make anything possible. “I want to find “impossible” moments that are real: to present images that remind us that the natural world is an awesome luminous story,” says Dane. Jeremy G. Landau’s work currently features images of Morocco and the desert Southwest and represents a society at odds with itself — a metaphor for life turned inward. Kathryn Hayden’s work goes beyond a mere moment in time. Her images convey an untold and timeless story beyond what is first captured through the lens. She brings “personality” and texture to the scene she has captured.

Gallery located at 117 Kit Carson Road. Reception to be held Friday, December 9th, from 2pm – 5pm.

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